Get to know  Gary

“Strengthen what remains and is about to die.”

-Revelation 3:2

DAILY STUFF: I love pastors and the local church, and I love to encourage them. I started this site as a place to give encouraging insights for pastors and to coach them. I serve as the lead pastor of City United Church. I'm a church revitalization subject matter expert (SME) for Liberty University School of Divinity,   I am also the church revitalization director for New England with the Baptist Churches of New England.
BEST STUFF:   I have an amazing wife named Jana, two exceptional daughters, I love New England Coffee, working out, eating healthy, and jazz.
EDUCATION STUFF: I have a B.M. in music education from the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York, a M.A.R. in worship music studies, a Master of Divinity and a Doctorate in church growth and evangelism from Liberty University. I have been an advisor and creative content writer for many leading authors in their published books and articles. 

“Gary Moritz has the educational credentials and the practical experience that uniquely qualify him to address this subject.  He has helped breathe new life into the City United Church in Worcester County, Mass. for the past six years and has fresh ideas for revitalizing the small to medium-sized church and encouraging its pastor. He can coach you in bringing your church from flatline to lifeline.”

Bob Russell, Retired Sr. Pastor of Southeast Christian Church Louisville, Ky.

“Gary has the practical experience and the depth of knowledge needed to help churches through the process of revitalization. His consulting and coaching are done with care and passion. I always enjoy working with Gary, and I know you will too.”

Dr. Sam Rainer, Revitalize Network

“God has used Gary Moritz to turn around City United Church to gain the respect of the community and grow again to reach people for Christ.  God has blessed him because of his consistent Christian testimony, his faithful teaching of God’s Word, his commitment to the Great Commission and his heart for the local church.”

Dr. Elmer Towns, Co-Founder, Liberty University

Why hire me to help your church?

Reason #1

As a strategist, I have the proven ability to both
see and design a path forward for the local church.

Reason #2

I have a unique balance that desires for both
numerical growth and spiritual growth for a healthy church.

Reason #3

Reason #4

I am able to encourage others to follow well,
especially a devoted core group of followers.
I will devote hours devising a good and clear plan
for your local church to move forward and flourish.

“God’s hand is on Gary Moritz. He can help you revitalize your church because he has done it himself. Gary knows how to bring spiritual vibrancy and practical vitality to the local church. Listen to what he says. Watch what he does. Replicate his ideas and trust God of the results.”

Dr. Ed Hindson, Dean of the School of Divinity and Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University

“Gary Moritz is passionate about the local church! His desire is to see churches of all sizes fulfill the mission God has given them in their local community. He has experience helping churches move forward after years of stagnancy or decline.”

Dr. Michael Rubino, Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church, Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY