6 Power-Personalities We All Deal With

In church revitalization, power struggles are evident. Power struggles happen because of fear and threats to a territory or a throne. It can be a struggle when it comes to the existing people who are already in attendance.

We must be ready for power struggles in the church. Here are six types of power-play personalities and statements you need to be aware of, and know-how to work through them.
1. I’ve been here the longest! The longevity power individual – This person has been at the church for a long time, so they view themselves as the captain of the turf. They use their attendance longevity as a power-play over the pastor because they have outlasted all of them. Your role is to get them to see accomplishment through their tenure, not their entitlement.
2. I’m the expert around here! The expert power individual – This person has the expertise. This person may use their ability to tell everyone else they know more so they should have a voice in making the final decisions. Your role is to get their expertise as a service to Jesus, and not as a controlling factor of the church.
3. I know everybody, and everybody knows me! The like-ability power individual – This is a person who has power in the church because people like them. That’s it! You might even like them too! They are people influencers and typically want to be in everyone’s life and situation. They view themselves as a hero. Your role is to get them to promote Jesus’ church over themselves.
4. I’m/We’re the Boss! The structured power individual(s) – This can also be known as subordinate power. This power-play can be a lid for organizational leadership and its future expansion. Your role is to find out why the lid is there and how to open it more for life-giving flow.
5. I’m/We’re really in charge! The dominating power individual(s) – Can you say control creeps? They are usually A-type, dominate, prideful personalities and like to control pretty much everything, except themselves. Your role is to build a life-preserver and rescue them from their coming destruction.
6. Do you know how much I give? The money power individual – This person controls the church with their money mouth. Sadly, this really happens. They threatened they are going to take their money and run. Hint: These people are not your biggest givers, they just think they are. Your role is to get them to see to build the Kingdom, and not their own kingdom.

So how do you deal with these people and their power-play struggles? Here are a few simple steps to help you.

  1. Keep them close so you can understand them further. Remember, people are not your enemy.
  2. Show hope and assurance. People push back when they do not understand the “why” behind the change. When you can build a reason why things have to change, it is much easier and comfortable to proceed. 
  3. Dream with them. Learn the power of dreaming together. This may get rid of the nightmares.
  4. Focus on obedience. Work together to make disciples and see the kingdom of God advanced in your community. 
  5. Show Jesus. The best thing to do is to show people the biblical mandate by Jesus. Make them realize that the power of God rests upon them. (Acts 1:8)
  6. Pray together. People move towards what they pray for.
These steps will take time, pray, and watch God work.

Which person can you identify with? I would love to hear your thoughts?

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