The VirUS is not for all of US

I am sure you are well aware that the Coronavirus has made its way into the country
and region. While the risk is very low right now, I want you to know that I am asking everyone to keep us safe. We love people and want them safe, so let’s come together on this.

Here are some of the steps we are taking to be proactive in our family and in our church.  Let’s come together and help to keep those most vulnerable in our communities, churches, and families to be healthy and safe in a critical time.

Here are some thoughts:

1.SANITISE YOURSELF!!! Utilize the hand sanitizers like you use your Facebook account. (every 6 seconds)

2. CLEAN HANDS WINS!!! When you arrive on any campus, wash your hands using soap for thirty seconds hot water as you say the alphabet. Have your children do the same.

3. DISINFECT SURFACES WITH WIPES: Wipe stuff down. If you have a profane mouth, clean that too! We must regularly disinfect toys and surfaces, especially in school classrooms.

4. OCD IS A GOOD THING! Having a reliable cleaning team that works diligently to keep surfaces and all areas disinfected is critical.

5. BUMP AND SMILE! Do not be offended if someone does not want to shake your hand or receive a hug. For now, first, bump or elbow bump, but don’t forget to smile at people. During this time, a smile and a warm welcome may be preferred over physical contact.

6. CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE WE WREAK OURSELVES! If you have symptoms like a fever, we ask that you stay home. We love seeing people, especially each Sunday. However, given the vulnerability of those with underlying health issues, it’s better to take Sunday off if you have symptoms – to be sure. You can always tune in for church online at 10:30 a.m. and chat with the online host at Oh, yea! If you feel sick, Don’t go to work. Call in and tell your boss that you can stay home and work, or you can come in with sickness and infect everyone (Just kidding). Seriously, be wise in your approach to what to do.

This post is not intended to cause harm but to alarm. A little humor is good. Again, the risk is low. I, like a good citizen, want to be proactive against the potential spread of the Coronavirus, and these are easy steps we can all take. Thanks for helping us out! Be a life-changer, not a germ-giver! Join me!

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