4 Levels of Tactical Readiness for Revitalization

In every situation, from a launch to a pandemic, churches need to ask the right questions at every level of growth and alignment. The global pandemic has shaken some churches to ask more questions of having a comeback after a setback.

Here are four levels of readiness that every pastor and leader should ask themselves before they can flourish with Kingdom impact.

Level 1: Stabilize – Have I fallen in love with Jesus Christ, and am I willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish His will for my life?

1. How close am I to God?
2. How prayerful am I?  
3. How prayerful is our church?
4. How organized am I?
5. How am I leading myself?
6. Am I ready to lead my team?

Level 2: Normalize – Do I love the church I am revitalizing and the people in it?

1. Where are we at?  Have I done an assessment of my church and team to see what needs to shift first?
2. Do people love our church as much as I love it?
3. Do we have a clear, understandable, and functioning system for change and improvement?
4. How am I helping the church and our volunteers to grow in their leadership and their walk with Christ?  
5. How am I preparing them to be all that God wants us to be?
6. How am I going to create multipliable ways for people join in the journey?

Level 3: Mobilize – Do I love my community and the place I am called to serve?

1. What does our presence in the community look like right now?  
2. What do we want it to look like in the future?
3. Do we make it easy for people to intentionally invite their friends and family to church?  Are people inviting others to our church?
4. Do we make it easy for people to get involved and serve? What’s next, where next?
5. Do volunteers get the recognition and appreciation they deserve? Are we celebrating the “wins” together?
6. Do volunteers get the communication they need?
7. Are people connecting with our mission and vision?
8. Am we mobilizing people to grow in their faith and their service to Christ and others?

Level 4: Revitalize – Are we experiencing growth and health in our church and change in our community?

1. Are we seeing real life change in our church and community?
2. Are people deciding to follow Christ and are they getting baptized?
3. Are we seeing people step up and lead in the church?
4. Are we seeing people step up and disciple someone else?
5. Are we making a difference in our community, meeting the needs and speaking into culture?
6. Are we living a revitalized life and breathing that same life into others?

Asking the right questions at the different levels will help you move forward with better results. What are some questions you are asking or came to mind after reading this?
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