Ten Revival Ingredients for America

Can revival happen again?
Our nation is facing a tipping point for its future. The riots, division, disturbance, killings through gun violence, drugs, child-trafficking, porn, COVID, terrorism, fractured families, political takeover, reprobate culture, and a lack of wanting God in the foundations of education are all ingredients for a collapsed and fallen society. History does repeat itself, and America is following the steps of Rome. Considering that the country has modeled itself after Rome with its monuments, false gods, calendar, solar system, structures, and framework, it is all playing out.

What will it take for America to change? What will it take for a revival to begin once again in America as it did during its formative years? The times where God moved were called awakenings.  They occurred when God's presence was experienced and His power was manifested through the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name, and as a result, many repented and came to the Lord.  From A.D. 30 at Pentecost to America seeing The Great Awakening in 1727 then the Second Great Awakening in 1780, to the General awakening of 1830, we have seen revival. Revival is real, and it can happen again.  But how?

If revival is going to happen for America, there are key ingredients that must be acknowledged to see another awakening of God's movement.  Christians can act and pray for a revival. 

What is an evangelical revival? 

An evangelical revival is an extraordinary work of God through the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name where Christians repent of their sins, are aware of the Holy Spirit in their lives and with the presence of God burdening them to act. God's people obey the Word of God which leads to doing the will of God, resulting in a deepened, supernatural experience that leads to winning people to Christ. 

How can we experience a revival in America? Here are the ingredients that every believer must possess to see God move.

  1. A moral cleansing of sin in society and culture, both corporately and individually
  2. Winning people to Jesus
  3. Magnifying God where we eat, work, shop, and play
  4. Experiencing God's dwelling in our hearts and minds to honor him
  5. Focused energy to battle the demonic forces of Satan in spiritual warfare
  6. An extensive manifestation of the Holy Spirit of God that breaks pride and leaves only humility
  7. Unity in the body of Christ of all colors, cultures, and nationalities
  8. Freedom from sin bondage both personally and corporately in our government
  9. A devoted lifestyle of prayer and fasting
  10. A national leader to rid immorality and idolatry from the land

If everyone does their part to repent, we will not fall apart, but instead, we will come together to exalt Christ and honor Him in our land.  

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. Proverbs 14:34.

God can do anything He wants to. There is no sin so great that God cannot deliver us from and where His presence can't revive His Church. God is watching, waiting, and listening for His people's cries, and He is ready to act.

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