Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal


This book strives to identify the tactical steps and the rules of engagement you will need as you engage a struggling church. It is for those getting ready to step into a church revitalization, revitalizing a church currently, or praying about the possibility of stepping into one. Church revitalization is vital to the Church’s success and impact moving forward in a digital, post-Christian era. Whatever your situation is, dive into the mission of church revitalization and learn how to become tactically engaged in the fight for the health of vitality of the Church.

“Gary Moritz has lived the life of leading revitalization as well as anyone I know., especially in a New England context. In Carry On, you do not merely have someone reporting to you the theories of church revitalization, you have someone who has led it and lived it, tactic by tactic. What an incredible gift this book is to church leaders around the world.”

- Thom S. Rainer
Founder and CEO, Church Answers
Bestselling Author of The Post Quarantine Church

“Former marine Gary Moritz shares his tactical wisdom for how to revitalize your church. If you are a church leader desiring to fulfill the great commission by growing and reproducing, you will definitely want to read Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal.”

- Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor,
Community Christian Church
Author of B.L.E.S.S. 5 Everyday Ways
to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World

“In his new book, Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal, Dr. Gary Moritz provides proven and practical insights with a strategic approach that will help bring new life to your church. Carry On not only brings you a grassroots level field guide, but it will also help you think and grow personally as a leader.”

- Dan Reiland,
Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA

“I have been a church consultant for a number of years, and I’ve read a lot of books on church revitalization. This book, though, is unique. If you’re a church leader with a military background, you’ll enjoy the military illustrations. If you’ve read revitalization books that are primarily theoretical, you’ll like this book’s practicality. If you need helpful, workable steps along the path of revitalization, you will learn much in its simplicity and clarity. It will be a go-to book for me when I need encouragement and guidance in church revitalization and renewal.”

- Chuck Lawless,
Dean of Doctoral Studies and
Vice President of Spiritual Formation,
Southeastern Seminary; President of

“You will never pastor the perfect church, but you can pastor a healthy church. Carry On provides both the encouragement and practical insight that will lead to church health.”

- Gabriel Etzel, DMin, PhD
Online Dean Professor of Theology and Christian Leadership
John W. Rawlings School of Divinity

What this book will teach you

Become tactical as you approach Church revitalization and renewal
so you can be on mission

Tactical Engagement

Determine to be “All In” as you read and work through each chapter. Pray and ask God to speak to you regarding areas that you need to work on. Take notes and start to formulate your battle plan. At the end of each chapter is a prayer for you to pray and a verse to claim on your journey. I desire for you to follow God in obedience and to pray and trust Him for the outcome.

Tactical Envisioning

Trust in the fact that God has called you to your zip code. Understand that the work that God wants to do begins with you. As your relationship with Him is revitalized, you can begin the revitalization of your church. Dream and envision what God wants to do in you and your community.

Tactical Enlargement

What if God wants to stretch your faith through the process of revitalization? I want to challenge you to grow in your faith and say “Yes” to whatever the Lord calls you to. Ask Him to begin to shape you and get you ready for the big things up ahead. He promises to be with you every step of the way.

Tactical Execution 

There are Tactical Check-Ins at the end of each chapter designed to help trigger thought processes that will lead to tactical steps. Church revitalization is all about tactical next steps. While your next steps may be different during each phase of revitalization, you will always have a next step to take. I want you to intently work through these questions. Invite others on your team to read the book with you and discuss the Tactical Check-Ins together.

“Pastor Gary Moritz serves as a practitioner and strategist with this practical field guide for church renewal. He and Jana have done the hard work of successfully replanting a dying church and offer steps for bringing a church back to life. The book Carry On is a necessary tool for a revitalization leader.”

- Brian Bloye, Lead Pastor
West Ridge Church

“If you’re like me, you have only a superficial understanding of military strategy and operations. Still, I have always respected those who have served to defend our country against ‘all enemies foreign and domestic.’ In this book, Gary Moritz draws remarkable parallels between the Christian’s service to our Lord and His church and the duties of the men and women who serve our county in the military. As followers of Christ, we have much to learn here, and I am confident Gary’s book will give you new insights and entice you to apply these Biblical lessons to yourself, to your church, and its leadership.”

- Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister,
Southeast Christian Church

“Gary Moritz is an encourager, a practitioner, a pragmatist, and a key leader in the American church revitalization and renewal movement. Dr. Moritz’s work as the lead pastor of City United Church in New England and his many podcasts and ongoing coaching ministry makes our brother someone you want to engage with regularly as a pastor revitalizer. Carry On: Tactical Strategies for Church Revitalization and Renewal will be that book you refer to many times as you seek the Lord’s next steps for His bride.”

- Dr. Neal Hughes, Director of Missions,
Montgomery Baptist Association, Montgomery, Alabama

“Dr. Gary Moritz is a true ministry tactician! His ability to think both theologically and strategically simultaneously is rare. This book will help pastors learn the practical strategies needed to successfully enter the battle that is church revitalization. Each chapter gives you the necessary knowledge to take the next step in your ministry journey. This book is not for the faint of heart. It will push you to trust God more and work harder than ever before. Church revitalization is a big task but as Dr. Moritz is known to say, “God Is Bigger!”

- Dr. Michael Rubino,
Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church;
President of “Revitalize” Church Revitalization Conference

“With this book, Dr. Moritz provides a powerful battle plan for all spiritual warriors on the front lines of church revitalization! As a former Marine, the author knows firsthand the preparation necessary to fight this war effectively “in the ZIP code where God has called you.” He also guides you through the training you will need to think and act strategically when the fight is on and the struggle is real. Dr. Moritz reminds us it comes down to two things: the leadership of our “Four Star General,” Jesus Christ, and our tactical obedience to His leadership for His church. This book will strengthen your commitment to both. I highly recommend Carry On to revitalizers everywhere!”

- Dr. J. David Jackson, Replant Specialist, North American Mission Board, SBC;
Author of ReNEW: Traveling the Forgotten Path

“In Carry On, Dr. Gary Moritz reminds us that church revitalization is not for the faint of heart. It is hard. It is bathed in tears. It takes longer and costs more than we thought it would. But, it is worth it because it is all about the church. Jesus died for the church, so we know the church is important. As God calls men to lead churches back to a place of health, it will require them to pick up their cross daily and follow Christ, but it will be worth it.”

- Dr. Terry W. Dorsett,
Executive Director Baptist Convention of New England