Grouper is a conversational informative podcast that “helps you swim with the fish in the church world.” We desire to encourage you to keep swimming upstream to Jesus and deal with the “stinky-fishy” stuff of local church ministry that sometimes can lead to a fish-fry. Fish who are not swimming upstream or most likely floating dead downstream and that’s stinky!

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Revitalization Today

Finally, there is a bi-monthly video podcast with two practicing Church Revitalization Specialists coming together to talk about Church Revitalization and Renewal. In just a few days Revitalization Today the new video podcast launches with Tom Cheyney and Gary Moritz! This podcast is all about where new and renew collide. Two Church Revitalizers talking nothing but Revitalization.

City United Church

Each week, Gary delivers weekly practical messages at City United Church. Check out the different collections that can help you. City United Church